Teaser for the premiere of the newest creation for cello of the dominican composer Emmanuel Berrido, who will present his work in Ann Arbor, Michigan on November 4th.

Asterism for Solo Cello ~ Megan Chartier (cello), Emmanuel Berrido (composer).


“Several things coincided when the project to compose asterism came to be, and the way all of these elements came to be, from its conception to the first performance is something that i think happened very naturally and very much filled with good energy all the way through.

I came across some readings about the Great Triangle, most commonly known as the “Summer Triangle”, which is a group of stars that comes together during the summer months, and has many interesting cultural references attached to both the formation itself and the individual stars that form the triangle.
I thought it could be a nice idea to compose a piece using the concept of an event like this, where different elements come together by divine design, for a purpose, and then separate for a while.

While chatting with Megan after one of the performances of the Miami Summer Music Festival I proposed this project to her and luckily she had the available time, having just moved to Miami, so those circumstances came together almost by chance also.

Working with her on this project has been just fantastic: we feed off each other in order to get the best end result, and are able to communicate very effectively in order to get the message across.

I see myself as a server, both to the performer and the listener, and it is great to be able to work with a musician who makes the task all that much easier.

Now, a few months after, I’m extremely excited to present this work to everybody, written about the stars, and composed for a star herself”.

– Emmanuel Berrido