Megan offers website design as a member of Squarespace Circle. 

All prices are subject to change and based on consultation and agreement prior to work.  

View pricing below // please inquire about student discounts.

Introductory pricing*

Starting at $300//  Initial Website

$30 per hour  //  Maintenance or help as needed

* pricing does not include Squarespace plan and domain purchase

So how much will my initial website cost?

A simple way to estimate the price of your website is to calculate the number of pages your site will need.  A "page" is a navigation or dropdown link such as About or Contact.  More pages means more time, therefore costing a higher price.  The following are rough estimates; every website's cost is evaluated individually.  Please inquire about student discounts.

3-5 pages // $300 // See Example

5-7 pages // $400 // See example

7-10 pages // $500 // See example

10-13 Pages // $600 // See Example

What do i need for an initial website?

At minimum, you'll need the content you wish to advertise on the site.  This means photos, text, dates, recordings, videos, contact information, etc.  High quality photos are required -- professional photography is ideal but not necessary.  If you don't have the content needed or desired, schedule a consultation anyway -- Megan is able to assist with photography and creative marking at an extra charge determined upon consultation.  Student discounts are available in marketing assistance as well.

What Will I recieve?

Upon completion of your website, you will be given full ownership as well as a basic understanding of how to add and edit content.  Your finished website will be supported by Squarespace through the Customer Care team and the extensive Knowledge Base.  You will also have access to Squarespace Mobile Apps that will assist in maintaining commerce, blogs, metrics, and portfolios.  Additional support is available through Megan for an addition $30 per hour.

How much are squarespace plans/Domains?

The design pricing above does not include the pricing for hosting through Squarespace as well as a domain subscription.  Squarespace does offer great deals in annual plan purchases, including a free domain.  If purchasing an annual plan, use discount code "GIMME10" for 10% off your first year of an annual plan.